About us

Camari Ltd was formed in 2008 to produce and develop an own-brand range of micronutrient products for the farming industry. With growing interest and 40+ years of formulation expertise behind the company, it expanded to offer third party consultancy and reformulation support, with many big brands approaching for advice.

To date, Camari boasts a hugely successful range of crop yield enhancing products, constantly adapting to meet the needs of sustainability and demand. R&D development of new and existing ventures takes place in an onsite laboratory facility, alongside the required analysis and shelf storage protocols.

Manufacturing Experience and Expertise

Camari's laboratory facilities enable the replication of large scale production within a small quantity environment. This ensures confidence in the formulations produced before capital is invested. Through partnership with sister-company Safapac, production can be 'scaled-up' via a pilot plant to further assess and refine the process for optimised manufacturing.

The technology coupled with accrued experience enables Camari to be competent in the production of the following formulation classes:-

  • SC's (Suspension Concentrates)
  • EC's (Emulsifiable Concentrates)
  • ME's (Micro Emulsions)
  • SL's (Soluble Liquids)
  • SE's (Suspo Emulsions)

Innovative thinking, access to new excipients and re-approaching old chemistry with a new mind set is fundamental to the philosophy behind the Camari brand. It is this 'thinking outside the box' alongside thorough research behind chemical principles in practice that allows the success and niche market place for the concepts produced.

New Premises

In 2017, Camari moved to brand new premises featuring a new laboratory facility - equipped to efficiently carry out multiple formulation trials and reproduce large scale processing on laboratory scale.